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What size does tile flooring come in?

Floor tile is an excellent choice for renovations of any scope, regardless of the space. It comes in a vast array of styles and is very easy to maintain. If you?re planning a redesign project and you?re not sure what size tiles come in, rest assured they?re manufactured in a vast number of options. Nonetheless, let?s go over the typical sizes for common areas of the home.


Typically, 8-to12-inch tiles are ideal for kitchens. But, of course, no two kitchens are alike, and some may benefit more from smaller or larger tiles. Yet, even though their renovation needs will vastly differ, the 12-inch size will likely work well, as it is widely the standard.


Bathroom floors commonly use 2 to 8-inch tiles. You'll note the size is smaller, and there's a good reason for this. Firstly, bathrooms are usually relatively small, and thus smaller sizes work best in these spaces. Secondly, it's usually a room where homeowners mix-and-match sizes and keep materials relatively close in measurements. As a side note, smaller tiles are frequently used to add patterns or a mosaic effect, which doesn't work with larger tiles.

Living rooms

12 to 18-inches is often the usual size for tiles in living rooms. Since these spaces are, for the most part, the largest room in the home, they'll need a large-sized tile to match the area. Don't be put off by the potential price of tiles this big; you'll need significantly fewer materials because of the size of the tiles. So, in the end, the cost isn't automatically higher.

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