Engineered Wood Flooring Trends: What's Hot in 2023?

When it comes to flooring trends, engineered wood has been gaining traction for its combination of beauty and practicality. As we step into 2023, it's time to take a closer look at what's hot in engineered wood flooring. From trendy colors to innovative finishes and installation patterns, here's your guide to the latest trends that are shaping interior design this year.

1. Rich, Dark Tones
Dark and moody wood tones
are making a strong comeback. In 2023, you'll find engineered wood flooring in shades like espresso, ebony, and deep mahogany. These dark hues create a sense of luxury and drama in any space, making them perfect for bedrooms and formal living areas.

2. White Washed and Bleached Looks
On the opposite end of the spectrum, light and airy looks are also in vogue. White-washed and bleached engineered wood flooring offers a Scandinavian-inspired aesthetic, adding brightness and a touch of modern minimalism to homes. This trend is particularly popular for beachy and coastal interiors.

3. Matte and Low-Gloss Finishes
Gone are the days of high-gloss finishes. In 2023, matte and low-gloss finishes are gaining popularity. These finishes not only look sophisticated but also help conceal minor scratches and imperfections, making them ideal for high-traffic areas.

4. Wide Planks
Wider planks are a strong contender in this year's trends. Wide engineered wood planks create a sense of spaciousness and lend a rustic, farmhouse charm to spaces. This trend is perfect for open-concept living areas and kitchens.

5. Herringbone and Chevron Patterns
When it comes to installation patterns, herringbone and chevron layouts are taking center stage. These classic and intricate patterns add a touch of elegance and timeless beauty to your floors, making them a favorite choice for formal dining rooms and entryways.

6. Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Options
As eco-consciousness grows, so does the demand for sustainable flooring options. Engineered wood flooring made from responsibly sourced materials and featuring low VOC (volatile organic compounds) finishes is a trend that aligns with both style and environmental values.

In 2023, engineered wood flooring continues to offer a versatile canvas for homeowners and designers to express their unique styles. From dark and dramatic to light and airy, the choice of colors and finishes allows for endless customization. Wide planks and intricate patterns add character and sophistication to spaces, while sustainability remains a key consideration.

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